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The Schuyler(Xin) Sisters (OC Story)
Footsteps sound on the stone road, a red-haired male passing by various building as his blue eyes look forward.
The male smirks, showing off his fangs, his fox-likes ears twitch to the sounds around him, his tail swaying as he walks. “There’s nothing rich folks love more, than going downtown and slummin’ it with the poor.”
He stops, turning his head to look at one of the passing carriages. “They pull up in their carriages and gawk at the students in the common, just to watch them talk.” He motions to a passing male that had short violet hair. “Take Axel Xin: the man is loaded.”
The red-haired male chuckles. “Uh-oh, but little does he know that his daughters, Snow, Sylvia, Arlene, sneak into the city just to watch all the guys at...”
“Work, work!” Voices join with his.
An indigo-haired female claps her hands together, her eyes red, their glow hidden. “Sylvia!
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 3 1
Count On Me by CometFire21 Count On Me :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 4 1 Sanctum of the Twelve by CometFire21 Sanctum of the Twelve :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 3 Sleepy Shessae by CometFire21 Sleepy Shessae :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 4 7 You Have Hope by CometFire21 You Have Hope :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 4 1 Shessae by CometFire21 Shessae :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 1 13
Not Gonna Die (FFXIV)
FFXIV X Reader
“But the Ultima Weapon is all-powerful! Why does my enemy still stand!?” Gaius Van Bealsar snaps.
A (race) Paladin, a Miqo’te Dragoon, an Au Ra Ninja, and a Miqo’te Whitemage are before the weapon, still standing after a long fight.
“Can their strength truly be so great?” Gaius growls.
“It is the blessing of Light that confounds you.”
The group looks around at the new voice, a man dressed in a black robe teleporting beside the Ultima Weapon.
“Lahabrea.” Gaius comments.
The Paladin glares at the white-haired male.
A friend and ally, turned into a puppet by the Ascians.
“Your foes act under the protection of the Crystals they bear.” Lahabrea states, watching the group.
“So, t
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 1 1
Summoner by CometFire21 Summoner :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 6 1
Sing Me To Sleep (OC Story)
That was the only thing that Cecidit could register at the moment.
The pain that exploded from her stomach, that shot through her entire body.
Her once snow white hair was stained red, her white dress dyed red from the pool of blood that now surrounds her.
Her own blood.
Her golden fox tail was once swaying to a never-ending beat now refuses to move. The only sound that her golden fox ears could pick up with the howl of the wind.
Her teal eyes were losing the light of life.
... So this is what death felt like.
A gust of wind. The sound of wings flapping.
Eis. She could see the pale-skinned male, his hair short and white, the same colour of his eyes and wings.
The first of her siblings to arrive.
A rise in heat, the cackle of fire.
Thosi. A sun-kissed female with shoulder length orange hair, her eyes golden.
The second.
A shift of earth.
Aes. A fair-skinned elf with shoulder length grey hair and brown eyes.
The third.
Drops of rain, soon turning into a heavy downpour.
Sharaes. A f
:iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 5
Mylos and Kalanna by CometFire21 Mylos and Kalanna :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 2 0 Syrreth by CometFire21 Syrreth :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 7 0 Falling by CometFire21 Falling :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 1 Eastern Dance by CometFire21 Eastern Dance :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 4 1 Scared Kitty by CometFire21 Scared Kitty :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 2 21 Fluffers by CometFire21 Fluffers :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 1 0 I See You by CometFire21 I See You :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 6 47



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Herro my lovelies~ My name is CometFire21, but you can call me whatever the hell you want! I do write along with drawing, and sometimes I'll post random screenshots of things. I also RP, so if that's what you wanna do, just ask~

My Attitude by Fyi-Sus fish by Dametora Art saves me Stamp by Mel-Rosey teddy stamp by findyQ Undertale Stamp: Sans the skeleton by alpakami Undertale Stamp by Southrobin Stamp: Kindness is Never Wasted by Southrobin Choose Compassion by MissLunaRose Worst wounds stamp by PleasurelyPainful Legend Of Zelda Stamp by 666mel666 I Support Dark Link by MagickDream Pocky Stamp by Sirens-Serenade Original Characters Stamp by nitchzombie I love when people draw my characters stamp by Reiirin friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius I listen to music while i draw by Tontora Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86 Depression Stamp by SparkLum HomeSchool Stamp by lady-warrior Stamp - Respect by MauserGirl They Will Never Forget by Wisp-Night {Perfect} by Mesperyian


British sister: :iconc0nspicuous-c4rdinal:



Okay, so you all know this lovely lady, right?
Ride Through The Snow by CometFire21
Well, I actually got to get her in a video!
Not mine.
But still!
If you click right here, you can play "Find the Rhoe"!
So, a caterpillar decided to try and cocoon itself on my garage door. I moved out onto one of the trees instead.
I know I probably should've just left it alone, but I was worried it might fall and hurt itself so I moved it to a safer place. Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] 
I actually had to put a "do not disturb" sign on my door.
Because even though EVERYONE knows I'm a youtuber and generally when the door is CLOSED it means I'm recording, there's still that ONE person who does not give a damn and ruins a whole recording.
*gets stuck in a random spot in my game*
Everyone in voice chat:
*starts laughing*
"Damnit Rhoe!"
"Not again!"
This happens every time I find a new place to get stuck in. Which happens very often :3
I hate it when I crave sweets. Usually because there's none in the house and I don't actually want any sweets.


Been a while since I wrote a journal, huh?

I know I haven't really been writing much recently. I've been sort of in a slump when it comes to it. Finding inspiration has been hard.Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] 

But I'm posting lots of screenshots from FFXIV.

I swear I take way too many screenshots.SHY 

But there's also been a lot going on in my personal life, too.

For those of you who don't know, please allow me this introduction.

My name is Sarah. I'm twenty years old, and currently still live at home with my parents. I am the youngest of three, my eldest brother, Nick, still lives at home, but my older brother, Matt, has moved out and is currently attending college.

While I am open and rather silly online, when it comes to being with others face to face, I'm rather quiet and shy. Once you get past my shell, however, you will see the randomness and silliness that you tend to see here.

For the past four years, I've been recovering from depression that had me contemplating suicide, and very well nearly made me cut myself. While I am much better than I once was, I can still get swings of it. But so long as I can get myself doing something that distracts me from it? I'll be alright.

While I still live at home and currently can't afford to move out, I want nothing more than to just pack everything up and bolt.



Let's just say you never really know how much your own family hates you until you've heard them call you a bitch.

Who am I talking about?

My father.

Am I exaggerating when I say my own father called not only his youngest, but his only daughter a bitch?

No. No I am not.

He also called his eldest a parasite.

Now you're all probably thinking we did something to get him to call us that.


No. We didn't.

And this is where the "I want nothing more than to bolt" plays in.

For as long as I can remember, it's always been like this. He goes into a rage and starts screaming at us over the smallest things. Or, sometimes... over nothing at all.

We never noticed how destructive he was. Because to us, it was just... normal. To us, this was how a family worked.

Then he started going overseas for his job, leaving the rest of us at home.

And slowly... it became less normal.

There was no more yelling, no more screaming.

There was laughter, random yelling at games rather than family, there was happiness. There was love, and there was peace.

That became normal. That's what normal was supposed to be.

But until then, we never realized it.

But his contract ran out. So he had to come home. And finally, realized the one thing that had been staring at us in the face for years.

Just how horribly screwed up he was.

Now, he works near home. But none of us can stand it when he's home.

Because we know. We just wait. Wait for the yelling to start, for the screaming, waiting for him to unleash his anger out on us.

But now?

We lash back at him.

We don't let him have his way. We fight back.

FFXIV. This game has been such a great distraction from it for me. Mainly because I have found a great group of people to hang out with. And I can honestly say, that group is the only group of people I know who can make me laugh so hard that I actually start to hyperventilate.

And if I need to vent?

They're there to lend an ear. To let me vent out my frustrations and give advice or just say a few words to help make me feel a bit better.

But... things are going to change.

This coming August, my mum and I will be traveling to B.C. since my cousin is getting married. We will be visiting family and attending the wedding, but...

We'll also be looking at housing while we're there.

The plan is, once my eldest brother has saved enough and bought himself a condo, my mum and I will be packing up and moving back to B.C.

Away from Alberta, and, more importantly, away from my father.

When will this be happening?

Within the next year or so. We don't really know which yet.

But there's still a lot we need to do before we can go.

We have to hold out a bit longer.

But we have each other. And we'll always support each other.

Because that's what family does.


:iconc0nspicuous-c4rdinal: :iconstxrstrxck: :iconjadethemobian: :iconmatheal: :iconpencil-snap: :iconsketchygl: :iconfadedsketch: :iconspoiledsbrat: :iconsirenuproar129:


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