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Killer by CometFire21 Killer :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 0
Warmth (FNAF/OC) Chapter 3
Freddy Fazbear’s
Sarah slides off Mike’s back once the two have entered the pizzeria, following him into the office once more.
The werewolf sits down on the floor, leaning against the wall between the two doors. Mike raises an eyebrow at this, but shakes his head, deciding it was just Sarah being Sarah as he takes a seat in the swivel chair.
A phone starts to ring, signalling to start of another recording. It soon stops, a familiar voice playing in the office.
“Uhh, hello? Hello? Uh, well, if you’re hearing this and you made it to day two, uh, congrats! I-I won’t talk quite as long this time since Freddy and his friends tend to become more active as the week progresses. Uhh, it might be a good idea to peek at those cameras while I talk just to make sure everyone’s in their proper place. You know...”
Mike picked up the tablet, turning it on. Sure enough, Bonnie was already moving.
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Two Sides Of A Coin by CometFire21 Two Sides Of A Coin :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 5 3
Warmth (FNAF/OC) Chapter 2
Midnight Diner
Kuro plays with the red string wrapped around his hand and fingers in a bored manner, his eyes occasionally glancing to the tablet on the desk as he keeps an eye out for any sounds or scents that came close to him.
What was he doing?
Kat had suggested they play the “game” they had often played with the werewolf before they became his friends, except with no danger of death should he be caught.
Where did the red string come from?
It’s always been there, he had just chosen to ignore it until now.
“Three... two... one...” As soon as he finished the countdown, the six a.m. alarm rang out through the building.
The werewolf could hear Kat give a whine from within the right hall. “Come ooooon! I was almost inside!”
Kuro chuckles, getting up from his chair as he shuts off the tablet. He walks out into the right hallway, patting Kat’s head as he walks past her. “Better lu
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Family by CometFire21 Family :iconcometfire21:CometFire21 6 0
Warmth (FNAF/OC) Chapter 1
Freddy Fazbear’s
An animatronic screech, and two people screaming.
That’s what could be heard throughout the pizzeria.
Mike quickly pulled Sarah to his side, keeping her in a protective hold as she clings to him.
Foxy’s screech suddenly halted, his eyes landing on the small blonde. His golden eyes were fixed on the werewolf, much the same way Bonnie had been staring at her earlier. He takes a step towards the two, though stops when Sarah lets out a small scream, hiding herself behind Mike.
Mike blinks, looking between Foxy and the small werewolf.
... Wait a minute...
He shakes his head, confused at the situation. But, he could feel Sarah shaking, and her breathing started to come more rapidly and shallowly.
... She was starting to have a panic attack.
Mike grabs Sarah’s shoulders, gently pulling her away from him so he can look her in the eyes. “Sarah, look at me.”
The small blonde slowly looks
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Warmth (FNAF/OC) Prologue Part 2
Midnight Diner
Kuro moves his tail back and forth across the table he sat on in a rhythm, waiting for the clock to hit twelve.
Anyone else who worked the night shift would dread the moment the clock struck midnight.
The werewolf, on the other hand, was looking forward to it.
The blonde perks up when he hears the clock ring out, signalling the start of his shift, his blue/green eyes quickly going to the stage.
One of the humanoid animatronics was already awake, the blue and purple haired male stretching out his joints.
The humanoid rabbit climbs down from off the stage, walking through the dining room.
Kuro gives a friendly smile. “Evening Callias!”
Callias glares at the werewolf, flipping him off before teleporting somewhere else.
Kuro just raises an eyebrow. “Okaaaay...”
“Ignore the pop-tart, he’s just grumpy.” A voice comes from behind Kuro, before the werewolf feels someone slump agains
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Warmth (FNAF/OC) Prologue Part 1
Freddy Fazbear’s
“But Miiiiike!” The small blonde whines, her wolf like ears flattening on her head.
The dark haired male rolls his eyes. “No buts. You’re coming with me tonight, and that’s final.”
“But you and Jeremy told me NOT to go outside!” The blonde argues.
“And Jeremy isn’t here to keep an eye on you.” Mike counters. “Someone needs to keep an eye on you, since you’re still having your dizzy spells.”
“I am not!” The blonde pouts. “And the reason you keep me in here is because of my ears and tail! If someone sees them, they’re gonna freak!”
Mike throws a hoodie to the blonde, the top landing on her face. The blonde flails a bit before grabbing the hoodie and pulling it off of her, glaring at Mike.
“Put that on.”
The blonde sighs, pulling the hoodie on over her head. Pushing her arms into the sle
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Herro my lovelies~ My name is CometFire21, but you can call me whatever the hell you want! I do write along with drawing, and sometimes I'll post random screenshots of things. I also RP, so if that's what you wanna do, just ask~

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When you're trying to write, but your cat is being overly clingy and affectionate...
Welp, today I've started my recording of Cuphead. I've only recorded one episode and it's already made me scream with rage.
Sometimes I have to wonder what my family thinks when they hear me singing out loud. Especially since what I've been singing along to recently has been my FNAF playlist >.>
Out of all the things I got for Christmas, the item I was most excited over was a stupid rupee stress ball for some reason XD
Three hours...
Three hours of recording...
Most of which I'm gonna have to cut out because it was just to get a different ending than my first recording...
I'm done.
I'm just-
I'm so done right now.
Wanna ask my FFXIV characters stuffs?

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